Boost your productivity with a set of handy tools
Base64 encode/decode, SHA hashing, HEX editor, ZLIB compression and much more
Webacus features
Swiss-army knife for developers
Want to be able to just BASE64 encode a string; or get a hash of it? Yep, you can easily do that.
We've reimagined what a calculator can be for a developer.
70+ operations
We’re continuously developing collection of new operations so that you can finally get rid of your TOOLS bookmark.
Text manipulations
Remove white spaces, new lines, non-printable characters. Perform basic text analysis. Convert binary to text. Generate Lorem Ipsum texts.
Date and time
Convert time zones. Add or subtract date and time. Format dates. Genarete Unix timestamps (epoch).
Convert number's radix (bin, oct, dec, hex). Convert to number from binary and vice versa.
HTTP basic authentication, JWTs.
Encoding and decoding
Base64, URL, HEX, HTML.
MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA2, SHA3.
Gzip, gunzip, deflate, inflate, deflate RAW, inflate RAW, LZJB.
Browser operations
Can-I-use feature availability, user-agent parsing.
Linked operations
Chain operations together and calculate your results in one go. It's faster than copy & paste.
Webacus and linked operations
Save time
Stop searching Google for simple operations! With our built-in filter you can use any operation instantly.
You can add your favourite operations to your custom list for quick and easy access.
Want to use Webacus only with your keyboard? We've got you covered.
Use our filter to quickly find the required operation.
Previous calculations can be easily accessed by undoing the operations. You can also get them from a list of all previous operations.
Hex editor
Use the built-in HEX editor when the result cannot be represented as a string, date or a number.
Webacus Hex editor
Math evaluator
For cases where you need to only perform calculations you can use our powerful math expressions evaluator.
Webacus Math evaluator
Horizontal layout
You can use Webacus equally well on a mobile device or on a wide desktop screen! Both vertical and horizontal layouts are supported.
Webacus Horizontal layout
However, this is only the beginning
Calculate with files
Support for file upload will be added. You'll be able to use the same operations, but with files.
Save calculations
All your calculations will be stored permanently, on your local machine or in the cloud.
So many operations ...
A list of operations waiting to be added is long, but that doesn't scare us.
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